Entry-level punching machine introduced

June 13, 2006

TRUMPF has introduced the Trumatic 1000 R compact punching machine designed as an entry-level model for beginners in the field of CNC sheet metal processing that don't need to integrate their machines into a fully automated production flow.

The punching machine features a working range of 50 by 80 in., punching speeds of up to 600 hits per minute, and an automatic tool changer. The company's current punching tool technologies have been adapted to the new machine, including all-tool rotation, the Multishear for edging work, and the Multibend for bending.

Also included is the Multitool, in which up to 10 different punches can be integrated at one tool station. Tools for extrusions, threads, and forming also can be used. With the Multitool, the machine's linear magazine can accommodate up to 150 tools. It also can mark at 1,300 SPM.

A new standard software component helps simplify programming, from creating the drawing to manual sheet layout to processing. Less complex parts can be programmed quickly, even on the shop floor. More complex components are programmed using ToPs 300 basic punching software, also standard on the machine.

According to the company, users don't need previous programming skills. They can intuitively program the software using the touch screen or keyboard on the machine control panel.

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