Indexable multitool can achieve any angle setting

April 6, 2010

Mate Precision Tooling offers the patent-pending Ultra® IMT™ fully indexable multitool, which can achieve any angle setting on the workpiece.

The tool comes in two versions. The three-station unit uses Ultra 1-1/4-in. B-station punches and strippers and thick-turret, B-station dies. It can punch up to 0.24-in. material with maximum 16 tons. The eight-station unit uses standard Ultra 1/2-in. A-station punches and strippers and thick-turret, A-station dies. It can punch up to 0.24-in. material with 7 tons maximum.

No tools are required for punch, striker, and stripper retention and removal. The strippers have recess for added 0.118-in. punch grind life, while the dies eliminate slug pulling. Tool features include a drop-in quick tool change design, integral punch length adjustment, and variable stripping force options.

A zero mark indicates the start/home position, while a station ID window shows the action station. The holder is designed so that each tool is individually activated. This prevents inactive punches from moving, protecting part surfaces from unwanted marks.

The tool is fully ported for lubrication, which is delivered via the punch ram through the central shaft over all moving surfaces within the punch holder assembly. In addition, external spiral grooves in the holder OD reduce friction between the machine and holder, especially during high-speed nibbling operations.

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