New generation of punching/shearing machine introduced

April 14, 2009

Salvagnini America has introduced a new generation of its S4 punching and shearing machine, the S4X.

The S4X features a completely redesigned manipulator powered by two pairs of rotary electric motors. The first pair employes rack and pinion kinematics driven by new handovercontrol logic. The second pair uses two ball-bearing screws directed by gantry control logic to position the sheet. This manipulator enables the machine to offer enhanced processing speed, reduced cycle times, increased productivity, and improved accuracy.

The new model retains the company's patented stationary, multipress head that eliminates the in-cycle stops for tool changes that limit turret press processing speeds. All of the machines 96 punching tool stations are live and ready to simultaneously punch, countersink, and emboss parts.

Beneath the fascia of the multipress head is a built-in shear that can make cuts of any length.

Other upgrades include a new hydraulic power pack designed to reduce power consumption by 30 percent, an optional Cartesian stacker, and the expanded ability to incorporate all types of feeding connections.

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