Plate processor handles plate up to 4 in. thick

February 27, 2014

Peddinghaus has introduced the HSFDB-C, a CNC plate processor capable of drilling, scribing, countersinking, tapping, milling, and oxyfuel and plasma cutting. It processes plate up to 4 in. thick and is available in 6-, 8-, and 10-ft. widths.

The machine feeds material to the operating area of the machine rather than bringing the operating area of the machine to the material. This lowers the amount of material handling needed, helps lower scrap because of tighter nesting, and allows a small footprint. An optional bevel cutting assembly maintains a single bevel cutting design for the oxyfuel and plasma cutting torch.

A SignoMat hard stamp part marking system uses a single disc with 36 different characters for part numbering or layout requirements. The design rotates 360 degrees to accommodate mirrored nesting. This allows any part to be oriented properly within a nest to yield the lowest amount of scrap possible.

A 12-station rotary tool changer eliminates the need to change tooling manually during production. It accompanies the spindle throughout the range of motion to help ensure that no time is wasted when a new tool must be retrieved. Each drilling unit is available immediately as needed upon program command.

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