Punch laser machine requires no sheet repositioning

January 10, 2006

The EML K3510NT punch laser combination machine from Amada America Inc. handles full-size sheets without repositioning.

The machine's X-axis (3,937 IPM) and Y-axis (3,149 IPM) simultaneous axis speeds (5,041 IPM) offer high positioning speeds. The 58-station "king" turret includes two 4.5-in. auto-index stations and two 1.25-in. auto-index stations. With 33 tons of punching force, it is capable of 400 HPM on 1-in. centers.

A standard tool configuration can be established, allowing for minimal setup. Any shape that may be missing from a standard turret configuration can be cut out with the 4-kW laser. The unit integrates the laser resonator, electrical cabinet, and machine and does not use hydraulics. It incorporates twin, direct-drive motors to control the punch action of the ram and the overall movement of the striker.

Features include a 17- by 50-in. trap door for automatic parts removal; load and unload automation options; an AMNC-F PC-based control with graphical representation; part editing; touchscreen and full keyboard; and e-mail notification of finished programs, machine stoppage, or maintenance reminders.

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