Punch presses feature expanded turret capacity

May 2, 2012

Punch presses feature expanded turret capacity - TheFabricator.com

LVD Strippit's V20-1225 and V20-1525 punch presses now are equipped with a newly designed 47-station turret featuring three standard 3.5-in. autoindexable stations and four standard 2-in. stations.

Every station accepts shaped punches and dies, and indexable multitools can be added to expand turret capacity and flexibility while reducing setup. Quick-change die holders also help minimize tool changeover time.

Hardened steel guide bushings and hardened shot pins provide precise alignment of punch and die, the company states. Bidirectional turret rotation automatically selects the shortest route to the next punching station for quick station-to-station positioning.

The machines are equipped with a servo-driven hydraulic press drive. The presses achieve axis speeds of up to 900 HPM on 0.40-in. centers. Stroke profiles are fully programmable, and the Smart Stroke® feature determines the hover height based on material thickness and distance between holes.

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