Punch presses handle workpieces up to 60 by 120 in.

August 9, 2011

LVD Strippit offers the Pullmax series of punch presses, including the LVD Pullmax 520, 530, 720, and 730 models. The machines perform punching, forming, marking, bending, and tapping.

The hydraulic press drive combines with rapid table accelerations and high hit rates to produce prototypes, short-run, and long-run operations. The machines handle workpieces up to 60 by 120 in. without reposition in material thicknesses to 0.315 in.

Advanced control software adds to the machines' forming capacity. Flanges up to 3 in. can be formed to any programmed angle. Flanges oriented on the sheet at angles other than 0 or 90 degrees can be formed using the OptiBend feature with 360-degree head rotation. Knockouts, louvers, countersinks, and internal and external bends can be produced.

All-tool rotation allows every tool to rotate 360 degrees for total flexibility. All 20 tool stations are designed to hold any size tool, up to a maximum diameter of 3.54 in. Any tool can be used anywhere on the sheet. Tool capacity can be increased with the addition of indexable multitools in five- or 10-station configurations.

An optional extended tool magazine, offered on the Pullmax 720 and 730 models, provides 40 additional tool stations.

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