Punch tools extend A-dimension forming range

November 6, 2007

The A PLUS™ series line of TRUMPF-style special tools from Wilson Tool International® is designed to extend the range of forming in the A-dimension, allowing longer and larger forms. The tools include louvers, card guides, electrical knockouts, and lance and forms.

The louver tool, which achieves a 4-in. maximum range in the A-dimension, has built-in stripping in the lower unit. It also has a replaceable forming unit in the die.

The lance and form tool has an expanded 3.5-in. maximum A-dimension range. Applications include air flow, decoration, location markers, sheer tabs, wire harnesses, and clip attachments.

The card guide tool adds an inch of range in the A-dimension, making the maximum range 3.4 in. The tool is designed to eliminate the need for plastic inserts and secondary operations.

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