Punch/laser combination processes complex parts without scratching

June 4, 2013

Amada's new ACIES series punch/laser combination machine provides scratch-free processing of complex sheet metal parts. Featuring advanced automation and tool change options, the machine delivers fast hit rates, stable processing, versatile forming, and unlimited shape cutting flexibility, the company reports.

Equipped with an external tool changer and automated options, the unit offers seamless integration of punch and laser processing, along with automated tool changes and material handling.

Features include a power-saving drive system, flexible positioning of the freestanding control unit, a maintenance-free servo electric drive, an AMNC/PC touchscreen control, an extensive cut condition database, a quick-change lens and nozzle system, and a tool ID system. No die setting or shimming is required.

The ZR turret has the lower turret positioned beneath the brush table to ensure scratch-free processing. The selected die raises up through the brush table to the correct height automatically.

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