Servo-electric turret punch press fits in compact spaces

March 12, 2014

Prima Power offers the E5x Compact Express servo-electric turret punch press. Designed to offer versatile capacity, it features a new machine control and user interface software with touchscreen panel.

Compact load/unload automation, which uses the space above and below the machine to maintain a small footprint, allows unattended operation. Several combinations of loading and unloading can be used, including automatic loading/unloading, automatic loading and manual unloading, manual loading and automatic unloading, or manual loading/unloading.

The equipment is integrated close to the machine, but manual operations can be performed on the free side of the machine. Pallets can be loaded and components removed from them while the machine operates. In addition, the machine can be installed against a wall or in a corner.

The system handles 48- by 96-in. sheet without repositioning. Punching speed is up to 700 HPM with 0.04 in. between holes. Punching forces of 19.1, 22, or 25.3 tons are available. Features include programmable clamp settings, fully programmable punching speed and upper and lower stroke limit, a rigid O-frame design, and brush tables for low noise level and sheet surface quality.

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