Slitting tooling system expanded

October 25, 2010

Mate Precision Tooling offers an expanded LongLife™ slitting tool system. The system, which combines premium tool steel punch and die inserts with punch and die holders, now includes inserts in lengths from Size 56, 0.787 to 2.205 in., and Size 76, 2.206 to 3.000 in. Widths are available up to 0.250 in.

Four standard shapes — rectangle, oval, trapezoid, and dovetail — are available, as are one- and two-piece die inserts. Added to the previously available rooftop shear are whisper, one-way, and flat shears.

Eleven standard discrete die clearances are offered, including 0.004 to 0.024 in. in 0.002-in. increments. Customers also can specify their own die clearances, if desired.

The punch and die inserts are made from M4PM™ steel to help ensure high punch piece quality with maximum intervals between punch regrinds, as well as high wear resistance.

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