Thick-turret insert slitting die punches close to clamps

June 11, 2014

Mate Precision Tooling has introduced the VERSADIE™ thick-turret insert slitting die for D and E stations. According to the company, the die punches close to the clamps to reduce material cost and waste for slitting operations, and it allows users to replace die inserts without replacing the entire slitting die. The die inserts accommodate lengths up to 4.560 in. for E stations and 3.560 in. for D stations.

The die insert is made from MPM82 tool steel. This high-speed, particle metallurgy steel allows for sharper edges on the die opening. The die body, made of S7 shock-resistant tool steel, can be shimmed after the insert is sharpened during routine maintenance. There is no need for special insert shims. The company’s SlugFree® die design prevents slug pulling and damage to the piece part and tooling.

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