Tooling system compatible with conventional thin-turret tooling

April 11, 2006

The components of the Xcel™ tooling system from Mate Precision Tooling are compatible with existing, conventional thin-turret tooling inventory and include a canister assembly for the 1 1/4-in. station; a punch guide assembly for the Strippit-style 3 -in. station; and punches, strippers, and Slug Free™ dies.

The canister assembly is designed with a push-button mechanism that allows punch length adjustment in 0.008-in. increments for tool setup without disassembly. Stripper guides are hardened and ground with angularity and concentricity for reduced friction and extended tool life. Punches are made with DuraSteel™.

Three- and eight-station multitool for Strippit-style punch presses; cluster assemblies with replaceable inserts; multifunction maintenance fixture for assembling and adjusting tool components; and alignment tools for aligning each turret station are available.

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