Tooling system needs no alignment fixtures

June 14, 2005

Mate Precision Tooling's QuickLock™ tooling system for TRUMPF presses features a keyed alignment ring that engages the alignment key in the punch for quick tool setup without alignment fixtures.

The tool system comprises punches, strippers, and dies available in two sizes: Size 1, maximum die opening 1.181 in. + 0.078 in. (30mm + 0.80 mm). Size 2, maximum die opening 3 in. + 0.078 in. (76.20 mm + 0.80 mm). Both use the same alignment ring.

Eleven standard tooling shapes are available, including round, rectangle, oval, square, and triangle, and special shapes.

Punches are made from wear-resistant high-speed steel. The hardened and ground key is located on either the shoulder or shank, depending on punch point size. Punches also have a 1/4-degree back taper and near polished punch flanks intended to reduce friction, eliminate galling, and extend punch life. For extreme applications, the punches are available with the company's Maxima® coating or nitride treatment.

The system also features dies made from wear-resistant tool steel with optimized heat treatment. The dies have double-cut die openings, uniform clearance radii in the die corners, and improved die strength with domed relief. They also have up to 0.059-in. (1.50-mm) grind life.

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