Auto-darkening welding helmet features four welding arc sensors

October 1, 2013

Auto-darkening welding helmet features four welding arc sensors -

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products now offers the new Warrior™ Tech 9-13 auto-darkening welding helmet for use in all welding applications. The lightweight helmet protects the wearer from UV/IR radiation, heat, and spatter.

Four welding arc sensors in the lens provide high response levels and a wide sensory coverage, the manufacturer reports. The viewing area is 3.85 by 1.88 in. With its automatic shade darkening filter lens and optical class 1/2/1/2, the helmet features shade adjustment between DIN 9 and DIN 13.

The helmet's sensitivity control, which is suitable for welding with low amperages such as GTAW applications, helps ensure a good reaction to darker arc light. The delay control allows the welder to set how long the lens stays dark after the welding arc stops. A short delay will help to get the job done faster during tack welding, while a longer delay is useful for high-amperage welding. Delay and sensitivity can be adjusted from the inside.

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