Automated barrier door introduced

January 26, 2012

Frommelt Safety has introduced the Guardian Defender automated barrier door for guarding machinery, containing processes, and protecting employees from robotic and machine movement zones.

Features include patent-pending upgrades to its noncontact safety switch configuration, control systems, and interlocking capabilities; new, more resilient curtain material that resists application-driven hazards; optional variable-frequency drive to control curtain speed; and new quick-disconnect cables for simplified installation and integration.

The high-speed, high-cycle automated door is suitable for guarding robotic welding cells, material handling, automated assembly, and palletizing and packaging machinery. It also contains fumes, sparks, smoke, mist, flying debris, excess noise, and other common manufacturing process byproducts.

The PLe hold-down mechanism locks the door in "down" position to allow for machine "de-energizing" time.

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