Cut-resistant sleeves, gloves protect workers with comfort

May 30, 2012

Cut-resistant sleeves, gloves protect workers with comfort -

Magid Glove & Safety has announced the launch of its CutMaster™ Aramax™ and Aramax™ XT series of cut-resistant sleeves and gloves.

Machine knit from cut- and abrasion-resistant yarns, the gloves and sleeves provide hand and arm protection for workers engaged in metal handling, metal parts assembly, and metal stamping. The soft, flexible yarns wick moisture and heat away from the skin to help ensure a high level of comfort over long stretches of wear.

Aramax yarn is spun from a combination of high-performance polyethylene, fiberglass, and synthetic fibers. Consisting of seamless, machine-knit styles from lightweight to heavyweight, the gloves and sleeves possess ANSI cut level 3 and 4 ratings.

Aramax XT yarn is a blend of the same materials, as well as steel wire in select cases to offer up to two times more cut protection and up to 2.5 times greater abrasion resistance than yarns of a similar weight made from 100 percent para-aramid, the company states. The gloves and sleeves have ANSI cut level 4 and 5 ratings.