Door interlock allows exit even when door is locked

October 13, 2009

Fortress Interlocks' DM-I door interlock features an internal release mechanism that allows exit from a dangerous area, even when the door is locked.

The unit is mounted on the outside of the guard, allowing normal entry and exit using a Fortress key. It is fitted to the doorpost and allows operators to enter through one access point and exit through another in multiaccess applications.

The interlock features a large, red button that releases the door when depressed, even though the unit is still locked. The action also breaks dual safety circuits wired to the safety system of the machine to help ensure it stops. Once the operator has exited, the machine cannot restart until the interlock has been latched back into place and reset.

The interlock can be mounted on many different panel thicknesses. Locks are available as standard units, which can hold up to 10 modules, or full stainless steel units, which can hold up to five modules. Both feature ±5-degree fine adjustment.

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