Downdraft table contributes to healthy environment

March 14, 2013

Downdraft table contributes to healthy environment -

Denray downdraft tables help protect workers from smoke, fumes, and particles generated during grinding, welding, or sanding operations. They are designed to pass the pollutants and sparks over water pans to protect the filters and reduce any fire risk.

Flame-retardant cartridge filters are standard. They are made of 100 percent spunbond polyester and remove particulate down to 0.5 micron with a 99.95 percent efficiency rate. The company's Jet Pulse system cleans the filters using compressed air, dislodging the particles from the filters and into the collection drawer. Cleaning frequency is controlled with a push button cleaning feature or optional automatic timer.

The standard table top is a 0.25-in. steel plate. Holes around the top's perimeter create a high air flow near the spark shield and operator work area. A fiberglass grating is offered, or rubber matting can be supplied for protecting polished products.

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