Dust collection system is self-cleaning

July 13, 2004

United Air Specialists Inc., a Clarcor Company, has introduced a new, compact, versatile collector that the company says can handle almost any manufacturing dust. Model BDC is a self-cleaning, continuous-duty system available in eight series sizes.

The design features pulse-jet cleaning technology that pulses off captured dust and cleans the filter while the system remains online. With minimal pressure drop, the unit's multiple filter options allow the system to maintain up to 99.99-plus percent filtration efficiency.

The system has heavy-duty construction and a uniform, electrostatically applied powder coating. It can be specified with many discharge arrangements (hopper, dust drawer, or bin vent), for placement inside or outside the facility. Also, inlet and outlet air connections can be customized to meet specific design objectives, including recirculation of filtered air. A variety of hopper dust discharge options also are available.

The series features a tool-free design for quick access and filter removal from outside the collector. The, compact units provide air filtration capacities from 500 to 7,000 ACFM.

The series is designed to incorporate four standard filter configurations and designs. Each is configured to use one of four high-filtration-media designs with multiple choices of application-specific filter media:

  • 10-in.-dia. nonwoven filter cartridges comprising proprietary blends of fibers and polymers. Special application cartridge materials are available for chemical compatibility; fire-retardant; fibrous and coarse dusts; washable, antistatic conductive medias; and membrane treatments.
  • 6-in.-dia. spun-bond (polyester, polypropylene)-media pleated bags. Material finish options include oil/water repellent; PTFE membrane bonded to spun-bond; and conductive impregnation.
  • 6-in.-dia. felted bags (media type specified by application, operating temperatures, and gas stream chemistry). Filter finish options include napped; singed; glazed; silicone-treated; fire-retardant; PTFE membrane; acid-resistant; chemical-resistant; and silicone/graphite.
  • 2-in.-dia. filter bag cassettes with multiple application-specific media choices.