Dust collector hoppers fit low-profile applications

April 9, 2013

Dust collector hoppers fit low-profile applications - TheFabricator.com

Camfil APC has introduced two new dust collector hoppers for use in constrained-space applications. Depending on the model, the low-profile hoppers can reduce overall collector height by as much as 36 in.

Designed to fit Farr Gold Series® cartridge dust collectors, the Low Pro hopper collects dust and fumes from cutting, blasting, welding, and thermal spray operations. It comes with a 55-gal. drum or half-size drum. A Quick Seal drum lid mechanism latches open and shut for drum emptying and changeout, and it exerts heavy mechanical pressure on the lid in the closed position to create a tight gasketed seal that prevents dust migration.

The Low Boy hopper is designed for use with heavier dust-loading applications involving a variety of dry dusts. It comprises a clamp-on angled hopper and low-profile bin.

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