Dust collector's cleaning system prevents redeposit of dust on filters

August 14, 2013

RoboVent has introduced the new Fusion 3 series of fume and dust collectors. The all-in-one collector is completely assembled and doesn't require any additional parts or equipment to be operational. With two connections — electrical and compressed air — the collector is designed for welding, cutting, and metalworking operations.

The Dynamic Pulse cleaning system comprises integrated valves with a computer-synchronized, double-pulse action. Milliseconds after a filter is purged, the surrounding filters are given a secondary purge to neutralize the airflow and propel the dust particulate into the collection area. This prevents the dust from being redeposited on the filters.

The built-in control panel has an intuitive ePad touchscreen panel for controlling the blower, filter differential pressure, and the proprietary Dynamic Pulse cleaning system. It also monitors performance continuously and tracks maintenance.

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