Earmuffs filter harmful noise, allow voices and alarms to be heard

July 13, 2004

Bilsom, part of the Bacou-Dalloz™ Hearing Safety Group, has introduced a new, improved version of its Clarity™ line of earmuffs. The earmuffs feature patented uniform attenuation technology that filters out harmful noise while allowing users to hear warnings, alarms, and co-workers' voices, even in loud industrial environments, the company says.

Other improvements include advanced comfort features that promote wearability and multiple noise attenuation levels, which allow users to choose the right amount of protection for their application.

The earmuffs' sound management capability is based on patented design and material technology and not on electronics. The earmuffs block sound uniformly across a series of octave bands, reducing overall noise exposure while allowing human voice frequencies to pass through. Resulting sounds are more natural and less distorted.

Models C1 and C3 include a dual headband design with a soft, ventilated inner surface to prevent heat and perspiration buildup. An adjustable, "quick-click" outer headband provides a comfortable fit and minimizes slippage.

Model C2 offers a multiple-position headband that allows the earmuff to be worn with helmets, respirators, shields, and other equipment.All models employ a dielectric design that protects against shock in environments where electrical equipment is used. They feature soft ear cushions that create a better seal around the ear. The cushions' snap-in design facilitates replacement.

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