Gloves are heat-, cut-, and abrasion-resistant

December 7, 2004

Perfect Fit Glove has developed the Carbtex® glove line suitable for welders and automobile manufacturers.

Carbtex fiber consists of a proprietary thermoplastic core inside an oxidized outer shell that acts as a thermal shield against fire and UV light, dispersing heat and energy. According to the company the fiber provides the properties of high-performance carbon fiber, yet still has the flexibility, elasticity, and processability of traditional textile fibers. The composition is inherently flame-resistant and retains its properties even when blended with other materials.

The gloves provide dexterity and are cool and comfortable in hot environments and warm in cold environments, the company says.

The gloves have electrical resistivity from 10 6 to 10 10 omega cm. They withstand more than 20 sec. of direct exposure to a 1,287-degree-C flame. In testing, the gloves withstood more than 45,000 abrasive rubs.

Available configurations include a 13-cut liner for use under leather welding gloves; a heavyweight string knit for handling hot parts; a loop-out terry and a loop-in terry, both with continuous, 5-in. flared cuff; a thermal knit for high-heat protection; a thermal terry; and a 7-ga. string knit glove with full leather palm reinforcement.

Although dry cleaning is recommended, the gloves can be machine-washed with regular detergent without degrading.

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