Hazmat training program available

February 7, 2006

The Hazmat Training Made Easier For All Employeesprogram from J.J. Keller & Associates helps companies conduct required general awareness hazmat training and address function-specific and safety training needs.

A 25-minute, closed-captioned video (VHS or DVD) anchors the program by introducing basic hazmat concepts and procedures, including how to use the hazmat table; how to prepare shipping papers; package selection; loading/unloading requirements; and proper marking, labeling, and placarding.

The program includes an employee training packet with visual aids; a workbook with topic information, exercises, and quizzes; a handbook that provides an overview of key hazmat requirement; and reference charts for load and segregation, marking, labeling, and placarding.

An instructor's manual, CD-ROM with training tools, and other support materials are available to help trainers organize and conduct lessons.

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