Key modules enhance machine access safety

August 9, 2005

Fortress Interlocks offers access key and safety key modules for its AmGard modular safety gate switches. The safety key module enables an operator to retain the machine activation key while entering a potentially hazardous area. The access key module ensures that only authorized personnel can access a guarded area.

The switches combine both trapped key and gate switch technology to control access to equipment protected by safety guarding with either sliding or hinged doors. Multiple safety or access keys may be fitted to a single guarding system in a vertical stack. Also available is a padlock adaptor that prevents key or tongue-in-head insertion and links to other lockout-tagout safety procedures.

The switches include solenoid-controlled locks specifically for machines with run-down cycles. The AS-i range connects directly to AS-i Safety at Work control networks.

Modular units provide flexibility and allow customization and updating. All modules are ingress protected to IP67 and are constructed from stainless steel and zinc alloys.

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