Light curtain system designed for type 2 applications

November 8, 2005

Banner Engineering Corp. offers its EZ-SCREEN® type 2 light screen system for lower-risk type 2 applications—those which will not cause serious bodily harm.

The light screen includes visible status LEDs that indicate power on, fault (flashing LED), beam alignment (top and bottom), and beam/output status (blocked or clear). The trip output model automatically resets when an interrupted beam is cleared. The latch output model requires a manual reset once an interrupted beam is cleared.

The two-piece system is independently powered and optically synchronized. It does not require a separate control box, only a self-contained emitter and receiver pair. Dedicated trip or latch models eliminate the need for configuring or programming. A system requires stand and eight-pin Euro-style cables, available in lengths of 5, 8, 15, 23, and 30 m.

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