Lockout scissor hasp accommodates multiple padlocks

December 16, 2008

Fortress Interlocks has introduced the lockout scissor hasp for locking off dangerous machinery in the workplace.

Employees who use the lockout/tagout safety procedure can lock multiple padlocks onto the scissor hasp to secure dangerous machinery, preventing operators from powering up the machine while personnel are inside. The 316 stainless steel scissor hasp accepts up to three padlocks from 0.12 in. to 0.31 in. and can be daisy-chained with extra hasps if more personnel require entry.

The scissor hasp is suitable for situations in which a variable number of people require access to the safety zone, as well as when equipment has to be locked off unexpectedly or for long periods of time. The machine can be restarted only when all employees are safely out of the hazardous area and have unlocked and removed their padlocks from the hasp.

In addition, the scissor hasp can be used in conjunction with existing trapped key interlocking. It is available for use with padlockable dust covers that help protect the internal lock mechanism by preventing buildup of dust and debris inside the lock. An optional cable attachment also is available to anchor the hasp.

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