Mist collector filters various substances

November 7, 2006

Donaldson® Torit® has introduced the WSO mist collector that filters water-soluble coolants, straight oil, and oily smoke with just a change of the filter cartridge to match the mist type.

The patent-pending Synteq™ XP media is an engineered blend of small and large fibers that use resin-free bonding to stabilize the pore structure for optimal performance. According to the manufacturer, the media's small fibers are scientifically proven to increase efficiency, while the large fibers provide structural support and clear drain channels.

Three-stage filtration comprises a prefilter, primary filter, and final filter option. The prefilter removes large mist particles, while the primary filter is selected to fit the mist application. An optional third-stage HEPA or 95 percent DOP afterfilter can be added for smoke applications.

With the cross-flow filter design, dirty air flows horizontally through the filter walls, perpendicular to drainage of collected and coalesced mist. The unit is available in machine-mountable, stand-mount for a single machine, or ducted cellular and central systems for machining center and CNC configurations.