New line of personal protection equipment introduced

August 23, 2010

New line of personal protection equipment introduced -

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products offers the new Weld Warrior line of personal protection equipment. The line includes welding helmets, safety glasses and goggles, protective clothing, and welding gloves.

New-Tech™ ADC Plus autodarkening reactive welding helmets are lightweight and offer a wide viewing area. The head gear can be set to fit each user. The helmet shell is designed to protect the face, neck, and ears while providing a large area in front of the mouth for airflow. Powered by solar cells, the helmets feature angular dependence compensation technology, which ensures that a solid shade level covers the full width and height of the LCD screen, even when viewing the lens at an angle.

Origo™-Tech 9-13 helmets are available in two high-gloss colors: yellow or black. Their lightweight shell protects the face, head, ears, and neck for welding in all positions.

The Globe-Arc helmet has been designed to provide protection for all kinds of metalworking. Featuring a flip-front design, the visor provides protection from UV and IR radiation when the visor is both open and closed. This multipurpose helmet can be used for GMAW, GTAW, SMAW, grinding, gas cutting, and plasma cutting.

Safety glasses are offered for drilling, chipping, and metalworking. The flexible glasses have a lightweight wraparound, including a neck cord. They are available in four different lens configurations, all of which protect against UV radiation.

The protective clothing line includes leather jackets made with flame-retardant PROBAN® material on the front and back; PROBAM/leather trousers; coveralls; and a welding apron. Flame-resistant head protection covers the head, neck, and shoulders and includes an insulated helmet liner.

The company's welding gloves resist heat and protect against spatter. The new curved GMAW glove is designed to fit the natural curve of the hand. The heavy-leather glove is lined from hand to cuff. A flexible wrist area helps reduce friction.