Portable fume extractor handles light- to medium-duty arc welding

August 10, 2004

The Lincoln Electric Co. offers the Mini Flex, a portable welding fume extractor with primary LongLife-H® and secondary HEPA filters, designed to handle most common light- and medium-duty arc welding applications. The compact unit can be used in confined spaces.

The unit automatically turns on and off during welding. For cleaning and maintenance, the unit can be completely disassembled in minutes, the company says. With a standard wheel set and optional wall-mounting bracket, it can be moved around or positioned off the work floor, out of the welder's working space.

The four-stage filtration design comprises a preseparator; a LongLife-H main filter with a 130-sq.-ft.-surface area; a HEPA particle arrestor; and an optional carbon filter. It delivers a filtration capacity of up to 99.9 percent.

Insulation around the air exhaust reduces noise but does not affect motor cooling. The unit operates at 70dB(A) with torch extraction installed.

Two 1.34-HP motors power the unit, which has a high/low button. In high mode, both motors operate at 100 percent capacity. In low mode, both motors work at 50 percent capacity.

Optional accessories include nozzles for diverse applications; a carbon filter to neutralize odors; a wall-mounting bracket to position the unit off the floor; fume extraction guns; and a hose connection outlet to exhaust fumes out of the building.

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