Press brake safeguarding system detects obstructions as small as 4 mm

October 10, 2006

Scientific Technologies Inc. has introduced the LazerSafe™ LZS-003 safeguarding system for hydraulic press brakes.

The system uses two flat bands of 40-mm-wide laser light to monitor the zone below the punch. It can detect obstructions as small as 4 mm while still being tolerant to vibration. Operators can work within 20 mm of the front of the punch and within 10 mm of the rear of the punch with no disruption to the approach speed or bending process.

The transmitter and receiver are mounted on the ram of the press, allowing the operator to stay close to the workpiece as the tools close at high speed. Multiple bends in the material are possible due to the location and size of the laser light band and the flexibility of the system.

The system performs failure detection by real-time monitoring and utilizes a closed-loop design to monitor the speed, positions, direction, and stopping distance.

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