Safeguarding system designed for hydraulic press brakes

August 9, 2005

The LazerSafe LZS-003 Safeguarding System from Scientific Technologies Inc. (STI) has been developed exclusively for hydraulic press brakes.

The system uses a flat laser light band that continuously covers the zone below the punch over a 40-mm width. The operator can work within 20 mm of the punch front and within 10 mm of the punch rear without disrupting the approach speed or bending process. The optical design detects obstructions as small as 4 mm while still being vibration tolerant.

The system's transmitter and receiver are mounted on the press ram, which allows the operator to stay close to the workpiece as the tools close at high speed. The beam's size and location allow multiple bends to be accomplished without interrupting the laser beam.

The system's laser light band, combined with its mounting location and its step-through bend cycle, help enhance throughput while providing operator safety without a single program change.

The system detects failures by monitoring the process under control in real-time. Encoder feedback monitors closed-loop speed and ram stopping distance. The system also detects hydraulic, electrical, and machine controller software faults.

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