Safety app focuses on finishing, grinding products

December 11, 2012

Safety app focuses on finishing, grinding products -

Walter Surface Technologies has released a new safety app for iPhones®. It is designed to provide metalworkers with access to essential safety information for working on factory floors and job sites.

Features include an abrasives speed chart that provides maximum RPM info for the company's abrasive discs, based on their diameters; minimum and maximum grinding angles according to the type of grinder and choice of abrasive; a drill bits speed chart that provides optimal drilling RPM according to drill bit diameter and type of material to be drilled; an annular core cutter speed chart that establishes the recommended RPM based on the cutter diameter and the type of material to be cut; a unit converter for length, area, volume, speed, mass, and temperature; a flashlight; and a level to determine any surface angle.

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