Safety base module connects to control network in minutes

January 4, 2007

Fortress Interlocks has introduced an AS-interface (AS-i) control and safety base module for its eGard system that allows the system to be connected easily to an AS-i Safety at Work control network in minutes, the company says.

eGard is a modular system that can control access to hazardous machinery via gate switch and trapped key technology and can include simple machine or access controls such as push buttons, e-stops, and lamps. The AS-i base has two addresses: one for connecting the safety circuits and one for connecting the control I/O. A cable network system, the AS-i allows machinery safety technology to operate in parallel with standard machine controls on a single network with a common communication protocol. eGard modules are simply clipped together and the AS-i cable is connected.

The AS-i base module features an LED status indicator and an AS-i standard four-pin M12 connect fitting for connecting dual safety circuits and up to four inputs and outputs.

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