Safety guard switching unit supports auto-, manual switching functions

June 17, 2008

Omron Scientific Technologies Inc. has introduced the G9SX-GS safety guard switching unit. External outputs enable status indication of two safety input devices; auxiliary outputs enable monitoring of safety inputs, safety outputs, and errors; and detailed LED status indicators provide quick, easy system diagnosis.

Each switching unit supports unique autoswitching and manual switching functions.

Autoswitching helps ensure safety and productivity in applications with coordinated operations—namely, operators working together with machines —by monitoring the machine or robot and operator to make certain they don't enter the coordinated area at the same time.


The manual switching function is suitable for applications that require limited machine access for operations such as maintenance and cleaning. During normal machine operation, the door switch monitors the door status and allows the machine to operate as long as the door is closed. When the operator switches to maintenance mode, the door switch is disabled, and an enabling switch is put into the safety circuit.

The enabling switch allows the machine to continue to operate safely as long as the operator continues to hold the enabling switch in the enabled position. If the operator releases the enabling switch to the disabled position, the machine will stop to prevent danger to the operator.

The devices are compliant with IEC/EN 61508 (SIL3), IEC/EN 62061 (SIL3), and EN 954-1 (category 4).

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