Safety light curtain protected from damage

June 14, 2012

Safety light curtain protected from damage -

Keyence has introduced the new GL-R series safety light curtain. It is built from a 0.12-in.-thick, extruded aluminum body with a 0.35-in.-wide, recessed lens surface. This design guards the light curtain from impact damage. In addition, the housing is sealed to meet IP65 and IP67 ratings for use in harsh environments.

The light curtain features a one-line wiring system that allows the transmitter to be connected in series directly to the receiver for power and synchronization purposes. This helps simplify wiring to a single cable, reducing installation time and the potential for miswiring.

Preassembled, quick-fit brackets lock into the back channel of the light curtain housing by tightening two screws and can be attached to standard equipment framework without the need for any special protective hardware.

Features include edge-to-edge detection, series connection, built-in muting and blanking, highly visible indicators, quick-disconnect cable options, and monitoring software.

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