Slim, expandable light curtain guards multiple sides of machine with one pair of cables

June 9, 2009

Honeywell Wintriss has introduced Shadow® 8, a slim, expandable safety light curtain for such applications as metal stamping and forming. It can be used to guard multiple sides of a machine with only one pair of cables connected to a Wintriss clutch/brake control (WPC) or to an optional Shadow 8 control.

The main heads can be used as a stand-alone light curtain. Alternatively, users can connect one to three pairs of extension heads in series with the main unit at any time. Interconnect cables also are available for protection of larger areas.

Standard features include a programmable fixed blanking window that allows fixtures such as conveyors or worktables to remain in the sensing field without triggering a machine stop. Users place a fixed object between the transmitter and the receiver and simultaneously turn two key-lock switches on the control. The light curtain senses the presence of the object and disables the obstructed beams. Users also can set a one-beam floating blanking window to allow small objects, such as air-ejected parts, to pass through the light curtain in a random pattern without interrupting operation. Floating and fixed blanking can be active at the same time.

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