Specialty application earmuffs introduced

November 9, 2004

Bilsom® has introduced earmuffs to meet a variety of specialty applications. The Thunder®, Leightning®, and Clarity™ series earmuffs now can mount directly on hard hats or fold away for convenience. Leightning also is available with a neckband for use when other protective gear is being worn, such as face shields or visors.

The helmet earmuffs come with snap-in adapters, which allow them to fit most hard hat brands, and are height adjustable. The earmuffs fold down and snap in over the ears when protection is required. They fold up onto the back of the helmet when not needed and can be stored in a toolbox. They include soft, snap-in ear cushions for extended wear, comfort, and hygiene.

The Leightning series noise-blocking earmuffs recently were redesigned to combine maximum protection and contemporary design with modern stereo headset-styled earcups. Available in 25, 27, and 30 NRR, the earmuffs feature patented Air Flow Control™ technology designed to provide more consistent attenuation, especially in low frequencies. They incorporate steel wire headbands for tough applications in which less deformable metal is preferred.

The Thunder series is designed for use when dielectric construction is preferred. Made of tough nondeformable plastic, the earmuffs also are available in multiple attenuation levels.

The Clarity earmuffs feature a patented noise filtering technology that blocks out harmful noise while allowing the human voice and other important information to be heard. Incorporating comfort features to help ensure increased worker compliance, the earmuffs feature dielectric construction and multiple attenuation levels.