System integrates safety interlocks, machine controls

May 10, 2005

Fortress Interlocks has developed eGard, a compact, lightweight system that enables modules, including both mechanical trapped key interlocks and electrical safety gate switch interlocks, and simple machine controls to be integrated in one unit.

The fully modular system clips together and is simple to install, the company says. Modules include mechanical locks; electrical locks; safety switches; service modules such as indicators and buttons; internal releases; emergency stops; and actuators suitable for both hinged and sliding doors. The system can connect to programmable logic controllers and mimic panels, or can be used on an AS-interface network. More than 4,000 billion module combinations are possible.

Engineered for Category 4 applications and international standards-compliant, the system can be fitted to any machine and requires minimal wiring. It is polymer-bodied and has stainless wear parts.

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