Testing system measures fit of hearing protectors

April 5, 2012

3M offers the E-A-Rfit Validation System, a quantitative hearing protector fit-test. The system features a new software upgrade, an expanded portfolio of probed earplugs for testing, and training materials.

The system helps users achieve optimal fit through hearing protector selection and employee training. In less than 8 sec. per ear, the system generates a personal attenuation rating that indicates a worker’s noise reduction for a given fitting and hearing protector.

The in-the-ear testing procedure uses proprietary algorithms to analyze sound levels in the ear when the earplugs are worn, rather than relying on subjective responses to test signals. A performance outcome screen then displays the personal attenuation rating along with a pass/fail indication for the worker’s noise exposure level.

The system includes a speaker, software, stand, dual-element microphones, cables, and a trial quantity of probed test plugs.