Updates released to welding headgear, digital controls

July 17, 2012

Updates released to welding headgear, digital controls - TheFabricator.com

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has introduced new digital controls and new headgear for its Arc Armor® Digital Elite™, Digital Performance™, and Digital Pro-Hobby™ series auto-darkening welding helmets. The company also has introduced welding helmets with two female-inspired graphic designs tailored to women.

The digital controls help make it easier for the welder to adjust shade, delay, and sensitivity — even when wearing gloves, the manufacturer reports. The new headgear conforms to the user’s head and offers flexibility with six points of adjustment. The integrated comfort cushion mounted on the back of the headgear helps ensure a secure fit.

The new Fury™ and Illusion™ helmets are the first large-window, professional-grade helmets with graphics for women, the manufacturer states.

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