Abrasive mitering saw designed for high-capacity cutting

October 10, 2006

Kalamazoo Industries Inc. has introduced the KM20-22V abrasive mitering saw for high-capacity cutting.

The saw accepts solid stock up to 4 in. and most shapes up to 6 in. when cutting at 90 degrees. When mitering at 45 degrees either to the left or right, the saw accepts up to 3-in. solids and most shapes up to 5 in.

The saw is available with a 15- or 20-HP, three-phase motor. It features a 1 in., 2,500-RPM spindle that accepts 20- or 22-in. abrasive wheels; dual air chain vises; and a built-in, 1,200-CFM dust collector in the base with a hood and a dust bag.

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