Automatic band saw for job shops released

June 9, 2009

Hyd-Mech Group Ltd. has released the SM10CNC single-miter automatic band saw for job shops. It features a 10-in. round or 7 - by 11-in. capacity at 90 degrees; a 1-in. blade; a 2.5-HP direct-drive inverter blade with variable band speed (50 to 330 SFM); and 60-degree, one-way mitering. Variable vise pressure is standard.

The operator can run the saw in manual, semiautomatic, or fully automatic dynamic mode with 1,000-job storage. The controller displays blade speed, number of cuts, blade thickness, length of cuts, cutting time, amp meter, blade tension, diagnostics, and other safety messages that can be viewed in several languages.

The operator can choose from four different machine behaviors in automatic cycle while executing jobs from queue. The continuous cycle progresses from job to job without stopping between each job. The pause sequence cycle pauses between jobs in queue, allowing for the operator to change a discharge bin to prevent parts from being mixed. The sequence cycle pauses after cutting the first part of each job, allowing the operator to inspect the first article before proceeding with the rest of the job. Finally, the loop cycle executes a single part from multiple jobs, which is suitable for cutting complete sets of parts in a particular order.

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