Automatic band saws feature twin prismatic guide columns

September 26, 2012

Pat Mooney Inc. – The Saw Company offers the Danobat iDS 5A automatic band saw. It features twin prismatic guide columns to help ensure torsion-free travel throughout the sawing range. The main prismatic guide column travels on linear rails and linear bearings, while the support prismatic guide column travels on free rollers.

A hydraulic gripper vise positions material to the proper cut length. Two hydraulic cylinders control the saw head. The saw head columns and saw head are filled with polymer concrete to remove any vibration from the sawing cycle.

The Intellicut software stores material speed and feed information in a library and allows the saw to be run as a machine tool. Once set, the exact blade speed and feed rate for either a bimetal or carbide blade is selected. The saw operator selects the material grade and type of saw blade, and the unit sets the proper blade speed, feed rate, and production parameters. Based on the selection, the saw blade ramps into the cut and proceeds at an optimum feed rate at all times, the company states.

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