Automatic carbide circular cold saw cuts up to 5.0-in.-rounds, 5.3-in. squares

January 12, 2010

The HCS 150 Behringer Eisele automatic carbide circular cold saw is available from Behringer Saws Inc. It cuts rounds up to 5.9 in. in diameter and squares up to 5.3 in. in size.

All models are designed to cut ferrous metals automatically at 90 degrees with carbide-tipped saw blades. The saw uses saw blades with diameters from 14.1 in. to 18.1 in. It can cut through 1.18-in.-dia. 52100 chromium steel in five seconds and 3.5-in.-dia. 4142 chrome-moly steel in 18 seconds, the company states.

Controlled by a PLC, the machine requires minimal operator intervention and can store NC program applications such as number of pieces to be cut, length, discharge handling, and other sawing parameters.

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