Automatic carbide circular cold saw handles steel, cast iron

January 27, 2014

Automatic Carbide Circular Cold Saw

Behringer has introduced the HCS-180 automatic carbide circular cold saw for cutting ferrous material at 90 degrees. The new saw is designed for cutting high-alloyed, heat-resistant steels, along with other ferrous materials. With a blade diameter from 16.5 to 20.5 in., the saw provides fast, precision cutting of round stock up to 7 in. dia.

The saw is equipped with a PLC that permits programming the number of pieces to be cut, length, and discharge handling. Also included are two noncontact light barriers that detect the leading and tail edge of the material being cut and then send start and end data to the PLC.

The machine uses carbide-tipped, disposable saw blades. A 34.8-HP, frequency-controlled blade drive enables blade speeds of 20 to 250 RPM, which accommodates most wet or dry sawing applications. Vibration absorbers are mounted between the machine base and the sawing unit. Sensor-driven cutting pressure monitors include a worn saw blade interrupt function.

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