Automatic horizontal band saw handles up to 40 in. in a single stroke

February 10, 2009

Scotchman® Industries offers the SHA 1419 automatic horizontal band saw. It combines mitering capability with a bar feed that uses an automatic shuttle vise feed system to handle up to 40 in. in a single stroke.

The band saw's capacity is 14 in. by 19 in. at 90 degrees and 14 in. by 14 in. at 45 degrees. The standard programmable length control allows the operator to program the job, including both piece length and piece count. The control takes into consideration the multiple indexes and blade kerf to help simplify the length setting.

The band saw is available in manual and fully automatic versions. It has a swing head for mitering without material movement and is suitable for bundle cutting. Its massive head and large blades make it appropriate for handling tough applications.

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