Band saw designed for high-speed aluminum cutting

June 27, 2012

Band saw designed for high-speed aluminum cutting -

Behringer has introduced the new HBM800ALU band saw for high-speed cutting of aluminum and other nonferrous materials. The fully automatic saw uses a 1.25-in. saw blade, either bimetal or carbide-tipped. After stock is loaded, the machine manages all aspects of the process and displays real-time cutting data at the operator terminal.

The saw features a 30-HP motor and handles material sizes up to 31.4 in. dia. round and 31.4 by 31.4 in. square.

The machine's electronic control system contains a number of programmable functions. For example, the saw blade speed and feed rates are ramped up after initial penetration and ramped down as the blade exits the material. This helps prevent damage to the blade by ensuring that the entry and exit of the aluminum are controlled and accurate, the manufacturer states.

The cast iron construction of the saw frame helps reduce vibrations and enhance torsion resistance during cutting. The saw blade downfeed is driven by a precision ball screw. The servo drives enable rapid positioning of the axis to help reduce noncutting cycle times. The saw’s 0.042-in. kerf helps minimize lost material.

Blade downfeed power and blade pressure are monitored continuously; the servo-controlled cutting pressure sensing system, which balances power and pressure, analyzes this data and makes adjustments.

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