Band saw features automatic material sensor

January 17, 2011

Band saw features automatic material sensor -

Kalamazoo Machine Tool's model XT320 A-NC double-column band saw is designed with fully automated controls and heavy-duty construction. The control has an automatic material sensor to detect the cutoff point and material height, eliminating two of the settings that traditionally must be made by the operator. The 3-in. minimum leftover material remnant results in less scrap.

The double arch frame dampens vibration and reduces flexing while improving strength and blade life, the manufacturer states. The carbide blade guides run in large-diameter bearings for almost friction-free blade movement, eliminating the initial blade twist. The combination of a long blade and very large bandwheels helps to lower blade fatigue.

The saw features a 1.25-in. blade; blade speeds from 60 to 360 FPM; a feeder vise stroke of 22 in.; and a 5-HP, three-phase motor. The saw can cut up to 12-in. round material and up to 12- by 13-in. rectangular shapes.

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